How Much Would You Pay for Andy Warhol’s Panties?

The undergarments are now valued at six figures.

That Andy Warhol committed a portrait of Mickey Mouse onto a pair of panties is just one of the many gems that Antiques Roadshow has afforded us over the years; and according to the production’s appraisers, the panties can fetch up to six figures.

In 1982, the artist picked up the “dime-store” drawers at the now defunct Lamston retailer in New York City’s Union Square neighborhood. He then gifted the specially designed intimates to Titti, the socialite daughter of then Swedish ambassador, Wilhelm Wachtmeister.

“In the 1950s, his style as a commercial illustrator, both artistic and personal, was seen as particularly suited to women’s merchandise,” artnet News’ own Warhol biographer, Blake Gopnik, explains. “He once did illustrations for the publicity for a women’s menstrual pad by Modess. He was always interested in crossing over between male and female culture ― even as an art student, he did a self-portrait of himself as a girl.”

According to Page Six, which first reported the story, Wachtmeister’s sister, Anna, was the one to bring the panties to the show. She also detailed that her sister Titti played a crucial role in helping Warhol secure a collaboration with Swedish vodka company Absolut.

Warhol’s decision to illustrate Mickey Mouse was likely informed by a series of screen prints he had just completed in 1981, titled “Myths.” The project comprised 10 portraits of characters from American mythology, each depicting fictional icons such as Santa Claus, Dracula, Superman, and one Mickey Mouse.

Little-known details about Warhol, such as his anti-Nixon graphic campaign, as well as evidence of his academic excellence, have been resurfacing in recent years. Notably, fans of the pop artist can also look forward to an upcoming biopic that stars actor Jared Leto, which is currently in the works.

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