'Angel Has Fallen' Trailer: Gerard Butler Isn't Done Saving The President

All hell breaks loose on a fishing trip to hook you.

Protecting the president isn’t getting old for Gerard Butler. The Scottish actor takes his third go as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning in “Angel Has Fallen.”

The trailer that dropped Thursday shows Butler’s character and his boss in immediate peril. A drone attack on a fishing trip nearly gets the president (Morgan Freeman) killed and gets Banning in deep as a suspect. He turns to his old coot of a pop (Nick Nolte) for help and has a message for his adversaries: “Don’t worry about finding me. I’ll find you.”

The franchise has served up popcorn action to a loyal audience. Butler’s 2013 outing “Olympus Has Fallen” grossed more than $170 million globally on a reported $70 million budget. The 2016 sequel “London Has Fallen” had a reported budget of $60 million and took in $205.7 million.

Watch the trailer above for “Angel Has Fallen,” scheduled for an Aug. 23 release.