Angel Haze Rips Raven-Symoné Over Spring Valley Assault Comments: 'Someone Needs To Smack Her'

"I asked Raven-Symoné to fight me, which, by the way, I totally mean."

Editor's note: Angel Haze as gender-neutral third person pronouns like "they" and "them," so they are used in the article below.

Rapper Angel Haze took to Twitter on Wednesday in outrage over Raven-Symone's comment that the child victim of the Spring Valley assault was in the wrong to have been on her phone, an assertion she made on "The View" earlier that day. 

"I guess yesterday I went on a Twitter rant, and I asked Raven-Symoné to fight me," Haze told HuffPost Live's Alex Miranda on Thursday. "Which, by the way, I totally mean. Someone needs to smack her because the things that she says are just ridiculous."

Haze explained that "The View" co-host's logic is "excusing [the abuse] for such a stupid reason."

"I read so much about this girl. She's dealing with the loss of her mother. You obviously de-socialize yourself when you lose someone so close to you," Haze continued, adding that "the officer's been accused of so many things. How can you even dare side with something like that?"

Deputy Ben Fields was fired Wednesday after the video of the incident, which shows him violently hurling the student to the ground and dragging her across the floor, went viral earlier this week.

To Haze, the Spring Valley Assault is symptomatic of a larger racial problem happening in America.

"It's difficult to live in a nation where black people are dehumanized and made to be lesser by birth -- by default," they said. "It's horrible and it's horrifying." 

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