'Angel-Like Spirit' Caught On Security Cam Called A Hoax

Is This 'Angel-Like Spirit' Caught On Camera Real?

Is it the work of a holy being, or a homely prankster?

A security video taken on Sept. 11 last year -- reportedly at the Cilandak Town Square in Jakarta, Indonesia -- appears to show what YouTubers describe as an "angel-like spirit" flying into view and leaving in a burst of light seconds later.

People with flashlights then storm the area where the winged being appeared, seemingly to investigate the strange occurrence.

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Some are saying that the video shows an angel -- others think the "humanoid" figure might be a visit from another dimension.

"You can see the pulsating. ... I think it's an extraterrestrial," says the narrator of another YouTube video who dissected the images.

United Press International is reporting this week that the video could be a hoax, basing its findings on YouTube comments.

"First of all, we have one static picture, on which picture of alleged 'light being' is mounted," the news site quoted a commenter as saying. "Nothing in that lobby moves except it. And then suddenly, after it disappears, we see a man in lower right quadrant of video who is walking by, who has suddenly appeared in almost middle of frame, coming from nowhere, apparently un-baffled by appearance of huge winged light creature in front of his undisplayed path. And creature illuminated entire floor of that building. Eh."

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