Angel The Dog Saves 11 Year-Old From Cougar Attack (UPDATE) (VIDEO)

It's a story straight out of Old Yeller. 11-year-old Austin Forman was stepping out to collect firewood outside his family's home in Boston Bar, British Columbia, when a cougar approached him, poised to attack. Forman's golden retriever, fittingly named Angel, heroically ran toward him and got to the cougar before it could get to Forman.

Angel, however, was no match for the cougar. Luckily, a local police officer, Chad Gravelle, was half a block away. Gravelle fired two shots and killed the cougar.

We first found out about this amazing story this weekend, and Tuesday, Matt Lauer sat down with the Forman family and Gravelle on the 'Today Show' to discuss the near-death experience and to check in on Angel's condition.


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