Angela Bassett Perfectly Responds To A NYT Photo Caption Mixing Up Her And Omarosa

The New York Times ran a caption from a "photo wire service" that confused the two women.

Angela Bassett didn’t grab the lighter fluid and torch the New York Times for a recent mistake the newspaper made, but she did have a clever response. 

On Tuesday, the Times apologized for some early print editions that featured a picture of the “Waiting to Exhale” and “Black Panther” star at the 2018 Emmys alongside a caption that confused Bassett with former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

Needless to say, many Twitter users were astounded by the egregious slip-up, especially since Manigault-Newman certainly was not a presenter during Monday night’s Emmys.

The Times said it would run a correction in the next day’s paper and added that it published the incorrect caption because it was provided from a “photo wire service.”

And although many wished the 60-year-old Golden Globe-winning actress would respond like her character Bernadine Harris...

… Bassett herself was much less fiery in her reaction.

“Hey Everybody, no worries!” she tweeted Tuesday, using a meme from the television show “Scandal.”

Though the Times never specifies which wire service they sourced the photo from, Getty Images is syndicating the same image with a large correction note in its caption. It seems the photo was taken by an AFP photographer but distributed through Getty Images. 

A similar mistake caused controversy earlier this year at the Oscars when Getty Images mixed up Asian actresses Kelly Marie Tran and Olympian Mirai Nagasu.