Angela J. Thompson Turned a Dinner with Friends into a Mission for Love Seekers

Angela J. Thompson Turned a Dinner with Friends into a Mission for Love Seekers
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A new commitment focused dating site, just in time for the holidays.

Dating online is no longer uncommon, Statistic Brain Research Institute did a study allegedly revealing there are 54,350,000 single people in the U.S. and 49, 650,000 have tried online dating. According to many online daters find themselves skipping from site to site or stuck juggling so many different profiles that they’re unable to give their full attention to just one. An interview with single online dater Tonya S. (age 47) reported, "I have to take breaks because I feel bombarded with meeting people who don't have the qualities I'm looking for, or I am engaging with scammers. ” Tonya reports being on at least three different dating sites at one time.

With new dating sites springing up often, woman-owned business owner and serial entrepreneur Angela J. Thompson was compelled to launch her own dating site Marriage Minded . This new site is geared to online daters who have in mind, marriage as the goal.

Angela J. Thompson told us, “The idea of Marriage Minded started four years ago from a sit-down dinner among friends that I hold monthly. The dinner was the catalyst because my single friend shared that she was on six dating sites because one site would not give her the results she wanted. I found what she wanted was an opportunity to meet other commitment minded people who could see marriage as the end-game goal.”

When we asked Thompson what sets Marriage Minded apart from other dating sites, her reply, “ we are a one-stop shop offering tuturials as well as live dating, style and relationship experts to help our clients get desirable outcomes and more when wanted.”

Angela J. Thompson is a Real Estate Investment Executive, Developer, Producer and Success Coach. This Girl Boss has taken on a Goliath in creating a dating website with a heart-felt mission to make it easier for commitment-minded singles to find each other from around the world.

Full video interview (below) with Marriage Minded owner Angela J. Thompson.

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