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Angela McCaskill On Leave From Gallaudet University: Should Minorities Be Empathetic? (VIDEO)

More than a week later, proponents and opponents of same-sex marriage are still up in arms over Gallaudet University's decision to place Chief Diversity Officer Angela McCaskill on paid administrative leave after she signed her name to a petition opposing gay marriage in Maryland.

While McCaskill seeks reinstatement, HuffPost Live's Ahmed Shihab-Eldin discussed the issue with a variety of experts Thursday, asking if minorities should be empathetic to her cause.

Brian Levin, director at the Center for Study of Hate & Extremism, looked to her role at Gallaudet, pointing out that there doesn't appear to be any complaints surrounding her professional duties at the university.

"She hasn't discriminated against gay folks or the LGBT community," Levin said, addressing her role on campus. "I think there's something to be said for a right of freedom of association and the right to engage politically in one's private life."

Frank Schaeffer, best-selling author and religion commentator, took the opposing side, likening McCaskill's situation to that of a high school physics teacher who believes the solar system is a fairly new creation.

"If they're teaching physics they have a role to uphold a scientific approach," Schaeffer said. "I think a diversity officer is in the same position, it's her job description that makes this an interesting story."

Racialicious.com associate editor Andrea Plaid, republican strategist and author Lenny McCallister and co-founder and campus director of Campus Pride Shane Winmeyer also voiced their opinions on McCaskill's suspension during the segment.

Listen to what they had to say in the video clip above, or watch the full HuffPost Live segment below.