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Angela Morton Claims She Was Fired For Discussing Fiance's Stolen Porn Collection With Jimmy Kimmel

Lots of people lose their job, but few people can say it's because they went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to discuss their fiance's stolen porn collection.

Last week, welder Earlie Johnson had his $7,500 porn collection taken from his home in Muskegon, Mich., after burglars broke in through the backdoor.

This week, it looked like things were turning around: A large number of adult entertainment companies offered to replace the purloined porn and he was invited to discuss his plight on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

But things have taken a turn for the worse for Johnson and, especially, his fiance Angela Morton, who has been canned from her job at the Grand Haven, Mich., branch of AssemTech, a manufacturing company.

Morton worked as a quality control technician for six weeks but she says she was let go when her bosses found out she was going to be on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" via Skype.

"They treated her like a queen until my story appeared," Johnson said indignantly. "They fired my wife for letting me have my porn collection. Why you going to hold my wife responsible?"

Johnson refers to Morton as his wife, though they are not married.

"I kind of got the feeling something was up after all the publicity," Morton told HuffPost. "I was let go before I went on the show because they said I didn't meet the job requirements."

That's an excuse that Johnson isn't buying.

"How did she meet the requirements to get the job and then not meet them after she was hired?" he asked.

During one part of the interview, Kimmel asked Johnson: "Earlie, is it possible that Angela threw your porn out? Because she would be my lead suspect." Morton just burst out laughing.

The engaged couple isn't laughing anymore. Morton said that while she would not want to work for the company again, she is considering a discrimination lawsuit.

Johnson is angry that Kimmel didn't offer payment for the appearance -- which is standard for non-performers -- and feels violated by the whole situation.

"Our home was broken into and something valuable was stolen," he said.

Huffington Post reached out to both AssemTech and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," but calls were not returned.

WATCH: Part 2 of the Earlie Johnson and Angela Morton interview:

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said AssemTech had a branch office in Glenhaven, instead of Grand Haven.

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