Aunt Gave Rum To 1-Year-Old Nephew To Celebrate Kentucky Win: Police

Aunt Gave Rum To Baby Nephew To Celebrate Kentucky Win: Cops

When the University of Kentucky basketball earned a spot in the NCAA Final Four Saturday night by beating Notre Dame, Angela Spoonamore celebrated the victory by passing around a bottle.

Problem is that it wasn't exactly the kind of bottle suited for her 1-year--old nephew. Police allege that she served rum to the baby whom she was babysitting, reports.

Police said Spoonamore, 29, took the child to a viewing party in Garrard County, Kentucky, where she became increasingly intoxicated during the game.

At some point, Spoonamore allegedly put rum into the baby's sippy cup. At another time, she supposedly threw him to the ground.

The child was eventually taken to a local hospital to be treated for a busted lip, according to the Sporting News.

The baby's mother didn't seem worried about the allegations, telling WKYT that her son never actually drank any of the booze. She also said her child didn't suffer any serious injuries despite the hospital visit.

Spoonamore admitted being drunk to, but doesn't remember being arrested or much else from the afternoon.

"It's really hard for me to believe that I tried to give that baby something to drink or hurt him," Spoonamore told the station.

The man who owns the house where the party took place recorded an encounter with Spoonamore before the police arrived which he shared with

Homeowner: "The baby's gonna stay in the house."

Spoonamore: "My niece is gonna.."

Homeowner: "It's not your niece, it's your nephew, first of all, and second of all, you're drunk and belligerent and you're obviously on something. You need to get your head together. I'm telling you now, dude, you're going to jail."

Spoonamore was arrested on charges of wanton endangerment, endangering welfare of a minor and criminal abuse. She pleaded not guilty to the charges Monday, according to

A preliminary hearing is set for April 7.

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