Angelina Jolie and Her Skin Care Secrets

Angelina Jolie and Her Skin Care Secrets
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Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly the most popular actress of this era. Her skin still looks radiant at 39 and it is the wish of many women of her age around the world to learn how she keeps it that way. They also need to know the cost as they expect that with her budget, money would be no object.

It has been observed that Jolie does not wear heavy makeup so the question of her skin complexity is even more response worthy. People know that actresses of this caliber have armies of cosmetologists and special scientists working for them. In her case this is only partially true. She has only one. His name is David Colbert and he is a member of the New York Dermatology Group.

The triad treatment

Angelina Jolie was introduced to this dermatologist in 2010 after she received a minor cut. After this introduction she became a fan of his treatment which is also extended to Naomi Watts. It lasts for 30 minutes and includes:

A standard microdermabrasion
A glycolic peel

It doesn't matter what products she uses after this treatment. All the top layers of the skin have been removed, all the dead skin cells taken away and she has a solid foundation to apply whatever skin care products she prefers and receive excellent results. For the record, she does nothing out of the ordinary.

A natural look

She puts on heavy sunscreen and takes extra special care in moisturizing her skin with a tinted moisturizer. Other than that, a simple concealer, a foundation of light-to-medium coverage and a translucent powder. That's it. She prefers to look clean and natural than a pancake.

And to prove that even these people can make huge mistakes in their appearance, for some inexplicable reason, when Jolie appeared to support her husband at the premiere of The Normal Heart, she had patches of powder on her face. Was that an oversight, or simply something that occurred due to haste? No matter what the reason was, it is a clear indication that things can go wrong for celebrities as well. Especially this over powdering has been observed with many celebrities in various occasions.

Does she pay too much or too little?

When it became known how much she pays for this treatment, people actually laughed -- $800 to begin with. Many just thought that for someone like Angelina Jolie this is nothing. Many others may have thought that she gets off rather cheaply. For others it was just too much. Not when there are so many homemade skin care products that can do the same job at a fraction of the cost. Nevertheless, it is important to receive the attention of a professional and that always costs. And if someone can afford this cost, there's nothing else to be said on this issue.

It's not just cosmetics

However, it is not only the cosmetics that make Jolie's skin looks this radiant. It is also her diet which consists of vegetables, soy milk, steamed fish, soups. She also does not put sugar in her coffee and restricts smoking to the absolute minimum. But it doesn't stop there. She also exercises a lot and not in the traditional way. She does yoga and Pilates like anyone else but she also spends time canoeing, doing push-ups, street-fighting and kickboxing.

In most likelihood what keeps Angelina Jolie's skin in this condition is that she is not treating it with too many cosmetics. She may be experimenting with what might work best, but she does so under controlled conditions and sparingly. She also never uses harsh soaps, or anything that is too abrasive.

It's rather simple

If the triad treatment is excluded, Angelina Jolie does what every other woman should do. She takes care of her entire body as a whole and not just the skin. An overall healthy body is conducive to a healthy skin. A skin that doesn't need too many layers of chemicals to cover spots, imperfections, wrinkles and fine lines. Because there aren't any nor will there be for a long time.

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