Angelina Jolie and the Definition of Strength

Everyone knows the definition of strength, it means being strong, especially when feeling weak. Angelina Jolie may be known for her amazing acting or her beauty, but recently her strength and backbone has topped both of those characteristics.

Recently, Angelina Jolie openly discussed her decision she chose about her surgery, which involved removing her ovaries. This is something that no woman would ever wish to go through or should ever have to. However, when women do have to go through this, it usually tends to be a personal issue. This process takes an enormous amount of both physical and emotional power to get through this, which is exactly why Jolie is now being viewed as one of the strongest women.

After deciding to go through with this, Jolie decided to tell media sources such as People, eonline and New York Times about her decision for doing this. However, what really shows incredible courage is her choice to explain why she decided to tell people about this.

In many different interviews about this process Jolie explains why she chose to do this, the main reason being because she lost several close female family members to cancer. Earlier in time, Jolie got blood tests done, which showed some signs of early risks of cancer. However, she also explained that it was more of precautionary surgeries to avoid something more serious in the long run and risk not seeing her children grow up. Although it was a choice, it does not minimize the physical and emotional strength it took to go through with this.

It takes an incredibly strong and brave woman to choose to go through with this surgery and then proceed to tell her fans about it. Jolie is demonstrating the definition of strength with this challenging decision she made. Not only did she go through with this tough surgery, Jolie also decided to share this personal information with her fans. The main reason Jolie decided to do this is that she wanted to let others that may be going through this, to know their options. It is important that the world knows how powerful and confident of a move this was. She chose to let go of both physical and emotional pain and use her story to help her fans and relate to other women that may be going through a similar situation.

Because of this bold decision, women everywhere have gained even more respect for Jolie than they had in the past. There are many posts on both twitter and Instagram from several news sources and also other celebrities, recognizing the strength this process took. It is truly inspiring to watch someone change such a challenging situation into something positive. Using something this heartbreaking to help others, alone demonstrates the definition of strength.