Angelina Jolie's Latest Doppelgänger Is A Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss Model

Meet Mara Teigen.

Ever wonder what life would be like if you looked like Angelina Jolie? Well, model Mara Teigen might be able to tell you.

The brunette beauty is gaining plenty of attention online for her striking resemblance to the "Girl, Interrupted" star. She's got all of Jolie's stunning features: the pouty lips, sculpted jawline, steely blue eyes and flowing brown locks.


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But the fact that she looks like Jolie isn't the only reason she may seem familiar. Remember the action-packed trailer Kylie Jenner released to advertise her lip glosses? Well, Teigen was in it, acting as one of Jenner's accomplices.

Jolie isn't the only celebrity Teigen seems to be channeling in all her Instagram photos -- her blue eyes and plump pout also bring to mind a few other famous faces.

For instance, Irina Shayk, as seen here:

Snap files 💘

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Chella day 1: 🌸 outfit @shoplunab Hair and makeup by me💁🏻

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And maybe a little bit of Natalie Imbruglia, circa her "Torn" days:

@garyandore gave me a bob 🤗

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