Angelina Jolie Would Be 'Thrilled' If Drag Queens Embraced 'Maleficent'

Guess Which Surprise Group Angelina Jolie Hopes Embraces 'Maleficent'

Long-timeLGBT ally andopenly bisexual actress Angelina Jolie held a press conference this week for her upcoming film"Maleficent," in theaters on May 30th, and the star made some surprising comments about a queer group she would love to see support her character in the upcoming production.

Jolie told reporters in the above video that she would would fully support the drag community embracing her delightfully wicked character in the upcoming film. "I would be thrilled if it's embraced by the drag queens," she stated. "I think we all share a love of this kind of costume. I'm with them."

Some fans of drag culture have, in fact, already bridged a connection between Jolie's character and the drag community. In the viral picture below, recent "RuPaul's Drag Race" season six winner Bianca Del Rio is shown wearing Jolie's character's iconic costume.

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