How To Avoid Angelina Jolie's Major Hair Extensions Mishap

Unkempt, scraggly extensions have no place on your head. We have expert advice for blending them in, plus some suggestions for good ones to buy.
Angelina Jolie on the red carpet of the movie "Eternals" at the Rome Film Festival last week.
Alessandra Benedetti - Corbis via Getty Images
Angelina Jolie on the red carpet of the movie "Eternals" at the Rome Film Festival last week.

When “Eternals” star Angelina Jolie walked the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival last weekend, many people were surprised to see her bungled hair extensions. To be quite frank, they were reminiscent of early-aughts extensions mishaps — a surprising sight on the ever-glamorous actor and humanitarian.

We tapped an expert to help us understand what happened and how to avoid it. Stylist and hair extensions specialist Robyn Sweeney said it’s hard to know exactly what went wrong, but she pointed out a few things may have happened.

Most likely, she said, Jolie’s hairstylist threw on clip-in or halo extensions the day of the event.

“It’s very possible that they were in a rush and didn’t have time to blend the hair, or that it looked great initially then separated and became more obvious after she turned her head on the red carpet,” she said, adding that stylists typically don’t custom-cut clip-in extensions like they would with semi-permanent options.

Sweeney also pointed out that it was easy to see every imperfection since Jolie’s hair was styled straight. A quick way to avoid this particular kind of disaster would be to add wave or curl to your hair. This way, the extensions seamlessly blend in with the natural hair and don’t look quite as aggressively heavy and blunt as Jolie’s did.

Another option would be to use more permanent extensions that are cut, dyed and blended into your hairstyle. If you choose not to go the clip-in route, you can purchase extensions that are in your price range and bring them to your stylist to install. No matter what method you choose, remember that the styling is just as important as the quality of the extensions.

We used Sweeney’s advice to find some high-quality hair extension options that won’t betray your trust.

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No one will know these seamless extensions aren't your real hair
Full Shine lets you DIY your hair extensions with pre-taped human hair wefts. They're quick and simple to install (and easy to remove). As long as you keep buying tape refills and take good care of the hair, there's no reason these extensions shouldn't last for years.

Get them on Amazon for $49.99.
Silky soft extensions from a brand that truly understands hair
Indique's extensions have a unique construction: The cuticle layers face the same direction from root to tip, ensuring that the extensions behave like real hair. They're made with human hair, and are shiny, versatile, long-lasting and resilient.

Get them on Amazon for $129.99.
Unprocessed curly extensions made from human hair
This lovely curly hair gives you a full weave effect with help from your stylist. It features soft and shiny 8A-grade human hair that can be permed, styled or straightened.

Get them from Amazon for $70.99.
Rock a balayage with these caramel clip-ins
These soft, salon-quality human hair extensions will last up to three months with good care. You can also dye them to match your own color for a more natural look.

Get them from Amazon for $92.99.
Expensive-looking curly extensions for Black hair
Get soft, bouncy hair with these classic triple lace weft clip-in human hair extensions. The silicone-lined clips are comfortable, secure and safe for your hair.

Get them from Amazon for $31.98.
Take these clip-ins from Vario to your stylist to customize the cut and color
You can cut, style, dye and treat these human hair extensions as you would your own hair. The clips are sewn tightly and covered with a layer of soft rubber that protects your scalp and hair from pulling and damage.

Get them from Amazon for $74.12.
A halo hair extension made of real human hair
This halo hair extension uses a hidden transparent wire instead of tape, glue or clips. As a result, it blends beautifully with your natural hair. Made of 100% human hair, these extensions can be styled in a wide variety of ways and used over and over again, making them a great investment.

Get them from Amazon for $75.99.

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