Angelina Jolie Honors World Refugee Day, Talks Family (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Angelina Jolie Honors World Refugee Day, Talks Family (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie spent Thursday in Washington DC for World Refugee Day, talking about the international crisis and addressing the inevitable question about her multinational brood.

Although her meeting with Hillary Clinton was canceled after Clinton broke her elbow, Jolie spoke at an event about her visits to refugee camps in Pakistan and Tanzinia and teared up during a video of refugees telling their stories.

After the event, she had an interview with Anderson Cooper, which you can scroll down to watch. She told him stories of visiting refugee camps and how the Pakistani crisis is especially bad right now. And then Cooper finished with questions about her kids. How do she and Brad deal with all the birthdays and do they have plans for more children?

"We have so many kids, we just have year-round birthdays," Jolie said. "We have a rotating -- it's just fun, you know. It's a lot of fun now, because the older kids are old enough to help plan the birthdays for the younger kids. So it's just -- it's one of the great pleasures of life.

"We do love children. We want a big family. So we never -- you know, never say no."



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