Nothing's Ever Meant More To Angelina Jolie Than 'Unbroken'

Angelina Jolie has discussed her relationship with Louis Zamperini, the late World War II hero who is the focus of Jolie's new film, "Unbroken," in the past. But in a new featurette about the film, Jolie explains why the movie was so important to her. "I was so inspired by Louie's life. I had this fever to be a part of it," Jolie says in the clip, which HuffPost Entertainment is debuting above. "Because I wanted to walk in his footsteps and take this journey. I wanted to know how he grew as a man and endured. It was such a huge responsibility. It keeps me up at night. Nothing's ever meant more."

"Unbroken" is out on Christmas Day. Watch the feature above; check out an interview with the cast of "Unbroken" from HuffPost Live below.

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