Angelina Jolie's First Film: 'Lookin' To Get Out' With Dad Jon Voight (VIDEO)

Angelina Jolie can't go anywhere without paparazzi hounding her children, but just this once, how about we take a look at the superstar actress when she herself was a little kid?

Before she was kicking tail as Lara Croft, winning Oscars and directing her own films, Angelina Jolie was a six-year-old girl with a famous daddy. And while she's clearly made it in Hollywood on the strength of her own talent, she did get her first role in the film industry thanks to that great bloodline.

Jolie stole the show in a brief appearance in dad Jon Voight's 1982 film, "Lookin' To Get Out," playing -- of all things! -- Voight's daughter, named Tosh. But this supercute little clip comes when she's with her on-screen mom, and we can see her natural charm and the beginnings of her trademark features even at that early age.

It took 11 years for her to get another pro film credit (though the term "professional" applies only loosely to 1993's straight-to-VHS "Cyborg 2"), though she spent time honing her craft in her brother's film school projects and music videos.

The rest, of course, is history.