Angelina Jolie's Leg, Jennifer Lopez's Anatomy Inspire Twitter Accounts At 2012 Oscars

If you were getting all of your Oscars commentary last night from Ryan Seacrest and Billy Crystal, you missed half the show. The real excitement was on Twitter, where reactions to outfits, comments and speeches were summarily dispensed -- letting all of us know that Billy Crystal’s black-face-with-Justin Beiber montage was, unfortunately, not a figment of our imagination. And if you were following along on Twitter, you know that two accounts threatened to steal the show.

Within minutes of Jennifer Lopez's minor wardrobe malfunction, the newly-created Twitter account @JLosNipple was tweeting “live from the red carpet,” while Angelina Jolie’s repeated Oscar pose -- a knee emerging from an up-to-there slit -- inspired an account of its own, @AngiesRightLeg (as well as on-stage mimicry from "Community’s" Jim Rash, winner of best adapted screenplay for “The Descendants”).

The parts’ tweets were more about novelty than substance -- most of @AngiesRightLeg’s tweets were along the lines of “Look at this leg!” -- but the following they achieved in under 12 hours is impressive: As of 10:30 am Monday, @AngiesRightLeg had 12,293 followers. and @JLosNipple had 1,954.

All of which made me feel that this should be equal opportunity. Why should only female body parts get a digital platform? Surely Bradley Cooper’s mustache merits a Twitter handle just as much as Angelina’s femur. Let us know what male features should Twitter odes to the men of the Oscars you would like to see.

Are there accounts we haven’t thought of? Parts, accessories (P.Diddy’s Lint Brush?) just begging to tweet their side of the story? Tweet them @HuffPostWomen


The Twittosphere listened and we are now two steps closer to gender equality (at least when it comes to celebrity Twitter handles). Bradley Cooper's mustache has spawned two Twitter accounts: @CoopersMustache and @BradleysStache.