'Anger Management': Brian Austin Green Romances Charlie's Ex (VIDEO)

Brian Austin Green paid a visit to "Anger Management" on Thursday, playing Sean, the boyfriend of Charlie's ex-wife, Jen.

Sean turned out to be kind of a freeloader, and Charlie wasn't exactly thrilled about the prospect of him moving in with his ex.

"You’re cool with it, right?” Sean asked Charlie over an awkward dinner.

“You’ve got no money, no job and you’re living in a house that I pay for," Charlie mused. "On the other hand, you are super arrogant. So, no, I’m not cool with it. Check please!”

Things aren't going so well for Charlie, and they're not all that great for the show itself, either. Since its record-breaking debut on FX last season, ratings have taken a nosedive, and because of the deal FX made with production company Lionsgate -- which stipulated the network would order 90 more episodes if the initial 10 episodes reached a certain ratings threshold -- FX is contractually obligated to air another 80.

If the ratings continue to dwindle -- they're at less than a million now, compared to the show's 5.47 million series premiere -- that investment is going to start looking more like a money pit. In an effort to stem the tide, FX's sister network, Fox, is going to start airing reruns to boost viewership, but it seems like Charlie Sheen is no longer the ratings draw he was on 'Two and a Half Men."

"Anger Management" airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on FX.

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