'Anger Management': Patrick Wears An Ugly Disguise To Try And Pick Up Guys Of Substance

Patrick was lamenting the fact that all of his relationships are shallow on "Anger Management." He was certain that he was only picking up guys based on his handsome appearance. So Charlie came up with an exercise for him. Lacey helped Patrick come up with an "ugly" costume that he wore into a bar.

No one was more stunned than Patrick when a good-looking guy showed interest in him, but it turned out there was a good reason for that. After a drink mishap caved in Patrick's fake nose, he had no choice but to come clean to his date. "I'm handsome," he told the man, taking off his costume and explaining why he was doing this.

It turned out the other guy had a similar story. "My therapist told me to only approach unattractive men because I said I wanted to meet someone of substance instead of the pretty boys I'm always chasing," he said. "That's why I never tried to kiss you. You were so ugly." Patrick agreed with that. Sounds like a superficial match made in Heaven to us.

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