Angkor Wat: Australia Donates $1 Million For Preservation (PHOTOS)

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr visited Cambodia over the weekend and decided to drop some TLC on Angkor Wat.

"We are putting nearly $1 million into a heritage protection plan for the Angkor World Heritage area to stop it from being trampled to death as visitor numbers rise to 20,000 per day ... We are using the experience gained at Uluru in central Australia and other UNESCO world heritage sites," Carr said, according to Sky News.

ABC Melbourne quoted Carr, saying: "[It's] important to the whole world that there is a proper management of the tourist pressures, that the area's not going to be trampled to death, and that there's going to be protection from the damage that could be done by floods." Last year's floods in southeast Asia left hundreds dead, and stranded tourists visiting temples in the area.

Earlier this month, India announced its $20 million plan to create a replica of Angkor Wat over the next 10 years. In 2010, Cambodian officials announced plans to build an airport and industrial complex roughly 25 miles from the temple complex. The airport would be to handle Boeing 747s, they claimed, making it the first airport in the country able to handle direct long-haul flights from Europe and North America.

Angor Wat(CLONED)