Sharron Angle Voters: Most Wish They Had A Different Candidate (POLL)

Sharron Angle Voters: Most Wish They Had A Different Candidate (POLL)

A new poll released Friday by the Las Vegas Review Journal shows Harry Reid and Sharron Angle tied for the lead in the Nevada Senate race, but the poll shows signs of extremely tepid support for Angle among her own supporters.

As noted by the Review-Journal's Laura Myers, two thirds of Angle's backers wished another nominee had been selected. According to Myers:

Some 68 percent of those surveyed said they would have preferred if a candidate other than Angle had won the GOP primary. Among them were 71 percent of Republicans, 71 percent of nonpartisans and 64 percent Democrats. Among Angle voters, 66 percent said they would have preferred another GOP nominee, as would have 68 percent of Reid voters and 79 percent of those in neither camp.

In the poll, conducted for the Review-Journal by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, Reid leads Angle by a razor thin 45%-44% margin, well within the poll's 4% margin of error. The poll was conducted August 23-25 among 625 likely voters.

While Reid's numbers are better than Angle's among his own supporters, his statewide support was also weak -- 49% of voters said they would have preferred a different Democratic nominee. Reid's support appears to be more solid among his own backers, however -- 79% of Reid voters said they would not prefer another candidate, while only 18% said they would.

Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling and Research told the Review-Journal:

Republicans thought they had this race in their pockets, but they've seen Harry Reid rise again to make it close...The only reason it's close is they've got a candidate who's being seen as a little out of her league.

Both Reid and Angle are also viewed unfavorably by more voters than view them favorably. Reid was viewed favorably by 39% and unfavorably by 52%, while Angle was viewed favorably by 32% and unfavorably by 43%.

Since receiving her party's nomination, Angle has struggled to gain support among independents and even some Republicans who have viewed her as too right-wing.

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