Angry Birds Board Game: It Exists! (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Angry Birds is on Apple's iOS, Google's Android operating system, PlayStation, and, now, cardboard.

Mattel is launching Angry Birds Knock on Wood, a board game based on the massively popular Angry Birds video game.

So how do you play without exploding animated birds and a touchscreen? The game comes with small plastic versions of the Angry Birds characters--both birds and pigs--as well as a slingshot and blocks for creating the pigs' fortresses. One player picks one of the 56 "mission cards," then the other player builds the structure shown on the card, which the first player has several turns to knock down using the birds shown on the card. The first player to score 1,000 points wins.

Electricpig explains what the $14.99 game (coming May 2011) includes:

You get a set of 14 Jenga-ish bricks, a couple of the hilarous green pigs, as well as the red bird, yellow bird and black birds to lob at them - sorry, none of the tiny blue birds, the egg laying monster or the boomeran toucans. As for the catapult, it's not actually an elastic band on a slingshot: the whole catapult is made of plastic, and pulls back at the base to send the irate bird flying. It's a much sturdier solution, especially if you're going to let the kids have a chance to play with it.

See pictures and video of the Angry Birds board game below. What do you think of it?