Angry Birds’ Feathers Ruffled Over Climate Change, So They’re Going Green

These feathered friends want you to keep your (bird) baths short and sweet.

The latest U.N. activist is all aflutter about saving the environment.

Red, the main character from the Angry Birds -- that game you obsessively play on your phone -- is the new U.N. Honorary Ambassador for Green, and he’s here to ask us all to do better for the planet. Red and the rest of the Angry Birds crew began their ambassadorship in March, and ever since they’ve been “traveling the world” -- i.e. being featured in a series of hilarious ads staged in different global landmarks -- imploring people to make some changes to save the environment.

From Red planting a tree in the desert to him riding a crowded bus to promote public transport, the ads are meant to draw laughs, but also to make you think about what you can do to tackle issues like food waste and the water crisis.

Here are seven habits the Angry Birds want you to hatch to help the Earth:

1. Keep Your Birdbaths Short And Sweet.

2. Use Public Transportation For Your Morning Migration.

3. Don't Wing It When You Shop, Bring A Reusable Bag.

4. Turn Off The Lights And Keep Your Electric Bill Cheep Cheep.

5. Branch Out From Plastic And Get A Reusable Water Bottle.

6. Flock To Your Nearest Park To Plant Some Trees.

7. Leftover Worms? Pack 'Em Up, Don't Chuck 'Em Out.



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