Angry Birds Dress Makes Rovio Exec's Wife, Teija Vesterbacka, A Total Style Winner (PHOTO)

The wife of a Rovio executive mixed business with style last night when she wore an Angry Birds theme dress to a fancy party.

We're totally jealous, obvi.

Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of Rovio CMO Peter Vester, showed up to the Presidential Independence Day reception at the Finnish Presidential Palace dressed in this one-shoulder red gown, which was decorated to resemble the face of those lovable cartoon birds.

Finnish news site Iltaelehti published the pics, one of which depicts a scowling Vesterbacka looking like quite the angry bird herself.

But she and her hubby have reason to smile: the ubiquitous touch-screen game, created by entertainment media company Rovio, just topped 500 million downloads.

Can we also get 500 million copies of this dress produced so we can rock them this holiday season?

Just joking. Sort of.

Check out the wonder that is The Angry Birds Evening Gown below. Questions? Comments? Concerns?