'Angry Birds HD' Ads Lead To Angry Fans

'Angry Birds' Ads Lead To Angry Fans

iPad owners are fired up over developer Rovio's latest update to gaming app "Angry Birds HD."

The download opens 15 new levels, unlocks another golden egg, and introduces a "news" feature plugging Angry Birds merchandise. When the game is paused or a level is restarted, the user must sit through a brief animated advertisement before resuming play. There is no option to skip the ad.

Reactions to the ads have been swift and scathing.

9 To 5 Mac reports that some fans are calling the ads "distracting" and "tacky-looking," while others are frustrated with Rovio for integrating ads into a paid app. "I buy apps to get rid of ads not to get bombarded with more," one user wrote, according to 9 To 5 Mac.

On the whole, the "Angry Birds" franchise has been a huge success. If the $4.99 HD app takes a serious ratings hit as a result of these ads, will Rovio bow to customers' demands and remove the unpopular feature?

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