Angry Birds Soda Outsells Coke, Pepsi In Some Finland Stores

Need more proof that Angry Birds is a powerful brand? In Finland, Angry Birds soda, is outselling Coke and Pepsi, reports The Next Web. The soda is made in cooperation with Rovio, the same company that makes the Angry Birds game.

It's perhaps a non-shocker then that Rovio has also become Finland's most notable and distinguished brand, an honor that used to belong to Nokia.

The soda will debut in New Zealand and Australia next. While Rovio is a Finnish company -- which somewhat explains the soda's popularity in the country -- we wonder if Coke and Pepsi are nervous about its move Down Under. We wouldn't be shocked if Aussies start seeing some more advertising from the big soda brands.

The Angry Birds franchise has extended into other food arenas as well. In China, Rovio partnered with McDonald's to create Angry Birds games inside the restaurants. One location even gets a real slingshot on McDonald's golden arches.

UPDATE: A reader tells us that Taloussanomat, the Finnish newspaper, looked into The Next Web's claims and found that it wasn't the whole story. The soft drink exceeded the sales in some markets in the spring when the soda was first released. Also, it only took into account a certain size of the soda and certain stores.

Watch the ad for the Angry Birds-McDonald's deal below:



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