Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China (VIDEO)

WATCH: Angry Birds Theme Park Opens In China

A theme park in China has opened an unlicensed “Angry Birds” attraction that offers visitors the chance to use a real slingshot to knock pigs off of an elaborate structure a la the popular mobile game.

Fortunately, the birds and the pigs are not as real as the intellectual property case that the game’s owners have against the park, which CNNGo reports opened on September 1 in Hunan province as part of a month-long stress reduction festival.

“This [Angry Birds park] serves as a method for people to purge themselves and to gain happiness,” a park official told Chinese gaming website

Rovio, the Finnish company responsible for the hugely popular game, has done little to distance itself from rumors that it will allow an Angry Birds themed attraction to be built. When the company was looking for funding earlier this summer, Disney was high on the list of likely suitors being bandied about.

They would probably like to get paid for the use of their characters though, so travelers with Angry Birds fever (otherwise known as swine flu) should head to Window of the World Park now in order to beat the lawyers. Changsa, the city where the park was built, is a little more than 430 miles north of Hong Kong as the bird flies.

WATCH the park in action below:

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