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No One Understands Your Feelings About Winter Like This Cat (UPDATED)


When the air was crisp and brightly-colored leaves were falling all around us, we were excited for snow.

The temperature was relatively warm then, and the chill that came at night was welcome — an excuse to sip cider or snuggle up with an attractive lady or gentleman. We thought of the winter ahead and dreamt of hot cocoa, snowshoeing, and sledding with the joy and innocence of children let out early from school.

Then the snows came, and we felt like this cat.

Photo credit: Amanda MacDermid

Come soon, Spring.

UPDATE 2-17-2015: The cat's owner, Amanda MacDermid, told HuffPost that the cat, whose name is Professor Fluffernutter McButterpants, has "calmed down" after his brief stint outside.

macbutterpants Photo credit: Amanda MacDermid

She also sent over the following photo of her daughter, Saige, and the cat, proving that McButterpants isn't always that angry.

cat Photo credit: Amanda MacDermid

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