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Angry Englishman Stuck In Traffic Is All The Rage (NSFW)

By the sixth time he yells at the stationary cars, you'd think the joke would get old. Spoiler alert: It doesn't.

As BuzzFeed so astutely observed, Arthur Wallace does not like being stuck in traffic. He vents his dissatisfaction in quick bursts of virulent, profanity-laden anger.

Traffic jams are a diamond-studded titanium grindstone for patience. It does not take long for a commuter's cool exterior to slough away, revealing a throbbing, raw pulp of depraved anger. Couple that universally humbling predicament with the less-than-seven seconds it takes this man to go from stiff upper lip to Chernobyl-upon-Thames and you have a volatile recipe for hilarity.

This compilation of Arthur yelling at cars went live last November, but it's only gone viral now (probably because of this Reddit thread). You can catch Arthur's more recent vines, where he expounds on more traffic and the nuances of parenting, here.

(H/T Reddit)

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