Son Buys 'Angry Grandpa' A House, No Pranks Attached

Angry Grandpa just got a little nicer.

In a new clip of "The Angry Grandpa Show," the real-life YouTube series featuring a volatile grandfather and his prankster son, Angry Grandpa gets a house as a gift from his son Michael.

At first, Angry Grandpa, aka Charles Green, 64, of Charleston, South Carolina, is led to believe that Michael and his girlfriend are looking at the house for themselves. But then Michael gives him the key.

Angry Grandpa and Michael like to play practical jokes on each other, so the older man is doubtful at first. But when it becomes apparent that the gesture is for real, all tears and sentiment break loose.

The clip has quickly earned millions of views. Guess sweetness sells.

But we suspect the Internet would soon miss the toy-room-destroying, guitar-smashing Angry Grandpa.

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