'Angry McCain' At Final Debate Already Famous On YouTube

'Angry McCain' At Final Debate Already Famous On YouTube

As much as cable pundits seemed to agree that John McCain had his strongest debate yet this evening, most also saw his constant grimacing as his performance's biggest drawback.

On Fox News, Brit Hume charitably described McCain as sporting a "peculiar" expression on his face while listening to Obama. "I don't know," he then said to conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, who agreed that Obama, by contrast, was a man of "remarkable self-containment."

On CNN, Gloria Berger predicted that McCain's grimaces would become an enduring media narrative.

Seeking to help that media frame along is a new YouTube video, forwarded to the Huffington Post by some Democratic activists, which cuts together McCain's most awkward moments to the sounds of the Gnarls Barkley song "Crazy."


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