Little Boy Bans His Mom From Bedtime Duties With Hilariously Brutal Note

He's very "senser" about it.

An upset little boy banned his mom from reading to him at bedtime by penning her a hilariously savage note.

The youngster was for some reason so furious with his mother that he didn’t even want her to come and tuck him in at night.

“Mommy, Don’t come read with me,” the boy wrote, in what looks like blue marker.

“I am mad at you,” he added. “And I will Tuck my own self in. Senserly [sic], Owen.”

His mom’s cousin posted a picture of the message to Reddit on Thursday. Not much else is known about the amusing note. It’s unclear where or when it was written, exactly why Owen was so angry or if the image is even genuine.

But it has sparked a series of nostalgic comments from other Redditors, who recalled times when they’d been in trouble with their own parents, and traded tips on how they deal with their children’s tantrums now.