Angry Public Forces Casey Anthony Juror Into Hiding

Casey Anthony Juror In Hiding

Seven days after delivering a verdict that stunned the nation and set in motion the release of Casey Anthony, one of the jurors who acquitted her of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, remains in hiding.

Juror number 12, a married mother of two in her 60s who moved to Florida from Michigan, quit her job and went into hiding, according to MSNBC.

Her husband told the network he is not sure when his wife will return to their Florida home. He said she left the state because she fears a public backlash.

Prior to the start of the trial, the juror worked at a Publix supermarket. During jury selection, she said she had very little knowledge of the case and was "not that into" newspapers or TV.

The juror was due to retire from her job in the fall, but her husband said she called her boss after she was released from sequestration and retired over the telephone. She told him she could not come to work because she did not feel safe, MSNBC reported.

Juror number 12 may be paranoid, but not without good reason. An angry public has lashed out at jurors online and in the media, and one restaurant owner in Clearwater posted a sign banning the 7 female and 5 male jurors from entering his establishment: "Pinellas County jurors NOT welcome!!!" The sign has since been taken down.

"All of my employees felt the same way. When we heard the verdict, we were shocked," John McClure, owner of Skyline Chili, told ABC's WEAR-TV last week.

The jurors' names are currently under seal in court files, but not for long. Usually, the judge can withhold the jurors' names for only about a week.

Since the verdict was announced two jurors have spoken publicly: Juror number 2, who spoke to The St. Petersburg Times last week under the promise of anonymity, and Juror number 3, Jennifer Ford, who spoke with ABC News that same day.

Juror number 12's husband told MSNBC that he has his bags packed and is ready to join his wife when her name is released. He also said his wife told him, "I'd rather go to jail than sit on a jury like this again."

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