Kansas Official Puts Kibosh On Dog's Gubernatorial Campaign

The dog won't even get a chance to be in the hunt.

Politics is a dog-eat-dog world, and no one knows that better than a pooch in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Angus P. Woolley is a 3-year-old vizsla whose owner, Terran Woolley, wants him to be the next governor of the Sunflower State.

Woolley decided to throw Angus’ hat ― er, collar ― in the ring after he learned about six teenagers who are planning to run for the state’s highest office this year.

Woolley read through the bylaws and requirements to be Kansas governor and realized nothing was stopping Angus from actually being in the hunt ― which is perfect because his breed is a hunting dog.

“I thought, ‘Hey, why not Angus? He’s a good dog, he’s smart. And I think he could provide better leadership than what we’ve had the last seven years in our state,’” Woolley told The Hutchinson News.

But even though Woolley officially filed paperwork for Angus last week, the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office decreed on Monday that dogs are not allowed to serve as governor, according to local station KWCH-TV.

“Officially, we will not allow a dog to run for governor,” Brian Caskey, director of elections, told The Kansas City Star on Tuesday. “There’s several laws that reference that the governor has to be an individual or a person, and so we are relying on that, and if a dog comes in to file for office, we will not allow that.”

Woolley suspects the office has an ulterior motive for the decision: Kris Kobach, the current secretary of state, is running for governor.

“I feel that maybe the secretary of state is scared of facing [Angus] in the primary or in the general election, I guess, since Angus is a Democrat,” Woolley told the paper.



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