The Whimsical, Photoshop-Free Newborn Pictures You Have To See To Believe

Polish parents Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer are photographers and bloggers, and when their daughter Emilia was born, they decided to get extra creative with their newborn photos.

Inspired by imaginative twentieth century photographers like Philippe Halsman and Jean Dieuzaide, Waluda and Zawer created a photo shoot that was both whimsical and Photoshop-free.

"The main idea behind this photo shoot was our daughter's safety," the parents told The Huffington Post, adding, "We didn't want to use any extraordinary props." Instead, they created images by simply laying baby Emilia on a mattress, alongside her father and various small props. Then, Waluda captured the images from above (taking a few short breaks when Emilia fell asleep). The experience was "quality family time" and "really good fun" the parents recalled.

"We wanted to inspire other people to take creative newborn pictures rather than using awkward props and scenography," Zawer and Waluda explained. "Also, we wanted to show that you can create a dramatic impression with a small model feeling comfortable and super safe."

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