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Animal Cracker Recipes (PHOTOS)

No matter how old you get, these cookies never lose their charm.

No matter how old you are, animal crackers are capable of bringing joy. They're not the sweetest of cookies. They're not exciting when compared to chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles. Overall, animal crackers are pretty basic. But they've won over our hearts (and stomachs) thanks to their charming circus animal shape that hooked us when we were children.

Animal crackers are made with a layered dough like crackers, but their slight sweetness makes them more of a cookie in our minds. It's also why they're such a great secret ingredient in some of our favorite desserts. If you thought that graham crackers were the only cookies being used for crusts, think again. Animal crackers master that and so much more.

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Frosted Animal Cracker Cupcakes

Animal Cracker Recipes

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