Animal Accents For Your Home, In Order Of Grrreatness

The Surprising Decor Trend You Might Be Missing Out On

Who said an animal house was a bad thing?

Wildlife motifs are poised to become 2015's top interior design trend. Animal accents are the most-searched decor trend from the past six months, according to research from shopping site Polyvore.

Not just any aardvark or lemming will do: Certain animals trounce others in search results, Polyvore found. And when tastefully added to your room in the form of pillows, artwork or pottery, these critters provide character you can't get from solid patterns alone.

Here are the top 10 animal accents for your home, in order of popularity. It's a new, stylish food chain, just in time for a spring splurge.

10. Dragonfly
9. Octopus
8. Giraffe
7. Cat
6. Fox
5. Rooster
4. Antlers (Deer)
3. Owl
2. Elephant
1. Peacock
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