Animal Fathers: 12 Of The Best Non-Human Dads Out There (PHOTOS)

Some animal fathers out there give dads a bad rap. Polar bears aren't terribly cuddly with their young and have been known to eat them when food is scarce. Assassin bugs do the same thing (but is that really a surprise?).

It's a rough life for many newborn non-humans, but there are some stellar dads in the animal kingdom. Emperor penguins stand watch over their eggs for two months in frigid antarctic blizzards. The giant water bug spends weeks walking around with dozens of eggs on its back. Male seahorses carry unborn eggs in a gestation pouch.

There are a lot of superstar parents to look up to this father's day, so take a look at the slideshow below to see the extreme measures these animals will go to for their young.

Here's to you, dads.

The Best Animal Dads