Moms, Human Or Not, Are Incredible! And These 6 Videos Prove It

Moms, Human Or Not, Are Incredible! And These 6 Videos Prove It

Mothers are incredible. They do so much for their children. As if bringing them into this world wasn't enough, they also love them, feed them, clean them and make sure they survive to adulthood. And it's not just human mothers who dedicate themselves to their young. Here is a tribute to non-human mothers and all that they do!

Animal moms come in all shapes and sizes ... and species. And they love their babies, despite any, er, apparent differences.

Take this mama cat, for example, who abducted three newly hatched ducklings on a farm in Ireland, not to eat them, as her owners feared, but instead to mother them! Read the rest of this incredible story here.

In the end, even cats and dogs know that our differences are only skin, or fur, deep, and a mother's love overcomes all obstacles. Take Coco and Hope, for example. Hope, a Shih Tzu puppy, was rejected by her mother, but thankfully, a Siamese cat named Coco was willing to adopt the little dog. Read more about Hope and Coco here.

Mothers are there for their little ones from the first moment they open their eyes, just ask this polar bear mom. Read the full story here.

Let's face it, moms put up with a lot. Thankfully, they endure rambunctious little ones with grace and patientce. Like this mom whose cubs can't seem to give her a moment's peace. Read more about the fuzzy family here.

Moms, even elephant moms, are always there to help their babies out of a tough spot. Read about this mama rescuing her calf here.

And, most importantly, we know that moms will do anything to protect their young. Take, Bella, the mama horse who literally stood between her baby, Butterscotch, and the flames and falling debris of the burning barn they were trapped in. It's an incredible story, but then again, are we really surprised? Moms are AMAZING. Read their full story here.

Plus, check out this bonus video about the top 10 moms in the animal kingdom, and read the full story here.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, human or otherwise!

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