These Animals Will Make You Love Your Imperfections In 2014

It's almost 2014, and you're feeling seriously motivated to make some major life improvements.

You've imagined a year full of weight loss, wisdom, and sticking to a budget. Hours before the clock strikes midnight, imagining your new and improved self makes you feel kind of like this guy:

But alas, new year's morning rolls around, and you're lying in bed with a hangover. You spend your days ruing the resolutions that never got off the ground. But you know what? That's OK.

These animals will teach you to love yourself.. NO MATTER WHAT.

You'll aim to eat healthier, but sometimes the sight of a fruit will make you want to cry.

There ain't nothin' wrong with indulging every once in awhile -- right, little squirrel?

You'll try and get your exercise in. You'll work those muscles.

But if you want to sit on the couch one day, gosh darnit, sit on the couch. Who did a few extra rolls ever hurt, anyway? Not this guy.

Maybe you want to be the type of person that makes new friends this year. That's cool.

But feel free to just love up on your old friends all year long, too.

Or you've decided to be brave and venture outside your comfort zone.

But being brave isn't always fun. So sometimes all you'll want is your favorite blankie.

The point is, January 1st is a great time to set goals for yourself. Everybody can use some improvement. (Except for maybe this kitten. He's pretty perfect.)

So if you only make one change this year, let it be this: Learn to love your imperfections.

Happy New Year!