17 Animal Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take

"Wait, what the ... ?"

You're glancing around, mid-thought, when suddenly you see something that your brain doesn't quite understand. Wires are getting crossed, and BOOM, your head jerks back to get another look. It's the classic double take.

Here are some crazy photos of animals (and some of their humans) from around the Web that were taken at just the right moment, when their bodies were looking just plain bizarre. Warning: Some of these photos may cause three, possibly even four, takes.

  • "Oh god, what happened last night?"
  • Birdman?
  • Who wouldn't want to kiss with lips like that?
  • Who's a good girl using all my conditioner?!
  • McGruff the crime dog went on to have a beautiful daughter.
  • Melty, come!
  • Oh no, it's dog melting epidemic!
  • Have to find out that camel head's dieting secret!
  • Your girlfriend's hatred of cats makes so much more sense now.
  • Cat's got a good strong back!
  • It's his tail flopped over. Yeah, we know. But it's just his tail.
  • When your very flexible fourth leg looks like a smaller waving fifth leg. #CatProblems
  • Don't worry, this dog is part liquid.
  • Is it a duck or a rabbit? A ruck? A dabbit?
  • So THAT'S how the dog is able to eat so much.
  • A face only a werewolf mother could love.
  • Hey, the dog is a more attentive driver than most humans.


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