Animal Photos Of The Week

This past week was full of bizarre animal stories.

In Arizona, a cat found itself in a prickly situation when it was stuck on top of a cactus for over two days. Fortunately, the cat finally managed to find a way down.

In Georgia, a deer was apparently so hungry for tacos that it crashed through a glass door and terrified restaurant patrons.

The San Francisco Zoo welcomed its newest residents last week. A group of six penguins who were rescued in Brazil several years ago joined the zoo's Magellanic penguin collection, the largest in the world.

Authorities in southwestern Pennsylvania are searching for a miniature pony named John Wayne. The mini-Duke was stolen last week from his owners' farm.

Sadly, a cat in England has been severely traumatized after a young man swung him by his tail more than 14 times.

Also this past week, an environmental group declared that Africa's Western Black Rhino is officially extinct. As a result of poaching, two other rhino subspecies are also close to extinction.

Check out of slideshow below of the best animal photos of the week, and vote for your favorite:

Animals Of The Week 11/13/11


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