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On a lazy afternoon, some animals want to do nothing more than relax on the couch. Take, for example, the baby seal in New Zealand that entered a woman's house through a cat door and found himself a cozy spot on the couch.

Few animals are in the holiday spirit like Teddy the porcupine. Munching on a cookie in this video, he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. In other cute animal news, check out the puppy that won't leave a baby alone.

In a repeat of some of the mysterious bird deaths from earlier this year, thousands of migratory birds crashed into a parking lot in Utah this week.

PETA made headlines this week when they challenged a rural North Carolina town to stop their annual New Year's opossum drop. PETA says the act of lowering the animal to the ground in a transparent box is cruel and illegal, reports the Associated Press.

In weird animal news, a two-snouted cyclops was born in China. Surprisingly, the strange creature is not the first of its kind in that country.

It was revealed this week that the tarsier, a small, big-eyed primate, is threatened by tourism and hunting. Tarsiers are easily stressed out by humans, leading them to become suicidal and bash in their own heads.

Check out the best, cutest and wildest animal photos from the past week:

Animals Of The Week 12/18/2011

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