Baby Pandas, Young Jaguars And Other Animal Photos Of The Week

With poaching of endangered species still an issue in many areas, conservationists in Nepal are using technology to combat the illegal practice. World Wildlife Fund Nepal has been testing two unmanned drones in Chitwan National Park to protect endangered rhinos and tigers.

It was revealed this week that researchers have solved the mystery of cheetahs' incredible speed. Studying cheetahs at zoos in London and South Africa, and racing greyhounds in the U.K, researchers found that "cheetahs 'switch gears' while running, striding more frequently at higher speeds," explained LiveScience.

If the weather in your area was too hot this week, take some advice from these puppies that figured out how to keep cool on top of an air conditioner.

A seal in Minnesota became an internet celebrity this week after severe flooding hit the Duluth area and allowed animals to wander from a local zoo. The surprised-looking seal, whose picture has appeared on the internet, even has his own Twitter account.

Sadly, a toddler near Chicago lost a fingertip this week after being bitten by a piranha in an aquarium kept by her family. According to the Associated Press, "the parents were distraught and aren't facing charges."

Below check out some of the best animal photos from around the world, all taken in the past week. Download Spotify to enjoy the slideshow's animal-themed playlist.

Animals Of The Week 6/24/12

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