Animal Photos Of The Week: Monkeys, Gazelles, Baby Tigers And More Pictures

Groundhogs stole the spotlight this week. You can get to know the woodchuck a bit better, learn some interesting facts, and find out the story behind Groundhog Day.

Yet there were still a number of interesting stories that focused on other animals. TakePart's Paige Brettingen told us about 8 different invasive species that America introduced to the rest of the world. We also heard about cows who vandalized a cemetery in Massachusetts. Scientists found out that cats are killing machines, and the mystery of homing pigeons’ amazing navigation abilities may have finally been solved.

Sadly, a bout of pygmy elephant killings took place in Borneo this week. 10 were initially poisoned, then at least 3 more were found. In America, pet hedgehogs were linked to a salmonella outbreak in 8 different states and a bear park was shut down after PETA’s undercover investigation exposed animal abuse and “inhumane conditions.”

For a cold weather pick-me-up, check out this adorable video of dolphins helping a seal find its way back to sea, this little baby panda who suffers from “acute cuteness,” and the llama who photobombed this amazing picture from Machu Picchu.

Find some of the week's best animal photos below:

Awesome Animal Photos Of 2013