A Dead Bat, A Drugged Zebra: Here's The 'Reality' Of Animal Planet (VIDEO)

Journalist James West recently reported on alleged animal neglect and cruelty that occurred behind-the-scenes at the only television network solely devoted to animals -- Animal Planet. Since “Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet” was published, the hit network has faced criticism and opposition, and the USDA is looking into the situation.

West recently spoke with HuffPost Live and elaborated on some of this neglect and cruelty -- particularly referencing a bat that died and a zebra that was drugged on the hit show “Call of the Wildman." He also discussed the broader implications of these accusations, suggesting that he doesn't believe the problem is about reality television; instead, he just wants viewers and fan to be informed about what’s actually happening behind-the-scenes.

“I think the issue is for viewers of 'Call of the Wildman' and Animal Planet more generally -- numbering in their millions -- to know what part of the contract is where they look after the animals that they use on set,” West told HuffPost Live. “There are ethical and legal questions here, beyond the fabrication of scenes."

Click here to watch the full interview with HuffPost Live.



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