Animal Rescue World Loses a Hero - Andrew Chernovsky

Last Week marked the passing of Andy Chernovsky. Andy was the beloved husband of Little Shelter's Volunteer President, Maryann Chernovsky.


Andy was beyond dedicated to Little Shelter and served as Chief Financial Officer for over twenty-five years on a volunteer basis. His responsibilities also went beyond measure, he assisted in keeping Little Shelter Animal Rescue Center open when they were days away from shutting down, he was funeral director and assisted many grieving families who lost their beloved pets by holding beautiful ceremonies for them, and had dozens of rescue animals he took care of.

He was a wonderful man, who was always patient, calm, laughing, and generous and he will be missed dearly by all the animals and people who knew him. Thank you Andy for all the amazing actions you took for homeless animals, they will never forget it.

The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Little Shelter Animal Rescue 33 Warner Rd. Huntington NY 11743

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