Animal Tourism: 6 Tours Where The Sights Are Cute (PHOTOS)

11/29/2011 08:15am ET | Updated November 29, 2011

The Great Pyramid and Machu Picchu might be duking it out for the title of world's greatest tourist destination, but it's not always about the biggest, baddest monuments. To really get in touch with a locale, it's important to really get to know the locals--the animal locals that is, such as elephants in Tanzania, bison in Montana, tigers in India.

To make it easy, tour companies also lead trips to the cutest sights. And, they're not all about roughing it. Some of these itineraries include spas, luxury hotels and relaxing sweat lodges. It's like that glamping thing, but way cooler.

Anxious to get off the beaten path and onto the jungle path? Here are just a few examples of the scores of wildlife tours out there.

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